with overeating – emotional, compulsive, or “otherwise not specified”.

Your life is rockin’. You’ve got lists of achievements to show for itYou’re getting standing ovations (literally or figuratively).

Only thing is, you’re not feelin’ it.

Sure, you do acknowledge your successes. But something is gnawing at you on the inside. Something is not right. You know it all too well, but no one else does.

A struggle. A bad habit. An addiction?

Something that makes you feel like an impostor. Because you know the “truth”. The silent, secret, suffering truth of your life behind the scenes.

Sounds familiar?

I get it

I’ve lived that life too. “The Secret Life of Veronika Ambertson”. Hmm, doesn’t quite make as catchy of a title as Walter Mitty, but nonetheless. I know the secrecy and isolation of addiction. The blues. The pain. The hopelessness.

It’s too bad the curtains we hide behind are only proverbial, or we’d have quite a crowd back there to let us know we’re not alone!

So many suffer in silence. Inwardly struggling while keeping up outward appearances, stacking up professional, social, and other life successes. Sometimes, those appearances are the only thing holding us together. The only thing preventing a total system collapse!

I got you

When you’re an addict, even a “highly functional” one like me, you’re in pain. You’re held back. You might appear free, but you’re nothing but.

Even if you flinch at the word “addict”, or maybe especially if you flinch at the word, you know when the shoe fits. Don’t let semantics be your excuse. Use a word you’re more comfortable with, as long as you’re honest with yourself.

And please know this:

there is hope, there is a different life to be lived – and it’s within reach

Here’s the thing

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. There is no magic pill.

The issue is complex, so why do we keep expecting the resolution to be simple?

It requires work. Really hard work. Difficult work. And a whole lot of discomfort. But it’s so very worth it.

Let’s go get it

It’s time to shake off the wishful thinking and and get to work on the compelling future I know you’ve imagined.

Are you ready?

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Let’s connect. Let’s live. Let’s go!

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