Outwardly successful but inwardly struggling?

Then we have something in common.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had the same struggle for 10, 20, even 30 years. It can be different. You can be different. You can experience freedom from that struggle.

Says who?

About portrait of Veronika AmbertsonSays me, Veronika, a medically diagnosed and self-professed highly functioning addict of 30+ years.

Drug of choice: food.

Secondary drugs and other vices: Pepsi Max, social media, TV, word puzzles (yes, even that!), and alcohol.

I have, what you might call an “addiction-prone personality”.

Not had. Have.

It’s not something I expect to ever change, but how I live with that has changed, and continues to evolve.

It’s been a journey through self-help books, diets, therapy, science, counselling, philosophy, medical scares, prayer, coaching, buddies, mindfulness, exercise regimens, support-groups, anti-depressants, out-patient recovery treatment, nutrition advice, and on and on goes the list.

I bet you have lists too. Of addictions (or bad habits, if you will), of attempted remedies, failed New Years resolutions and broken promises to yourself.

Still, it seems like nothing has changed, or some things might have, but freedom continues to elude you.

Let’s get back to hope

I will not claim to have walked a mile in your shoes. We all have two-of-a-kind feet and we have treaded individually unique paths in the maze of thoughts and behaviors that keep us cornered. Someone else’s shoes couldn’t possibly fit perfectly.

Don’t let that deter you.

I have walked many many many miles on these paths, and the trenches around them. I also know freedom and I’m eager to run back into the maze of the mind-chatter and behavior patterns that keep you trapped, grab your hand and walk you out of there.

Notice I didn’t say I’ll air-lift you out. Nor will I carry you.

I don’t offer magic pills (I know you know those are scams, however appealing their claims are).

What I offer you is my hand, my guidance, my experience, my wisdom, my coaching as you walk yourself out, one step at a time.

I love the freedom I experience. And I love getting to witness others gain their freedom. Being part of that transformation is absolutely thrilling to me. I have such respect for you and your continued pursuit of a life lived differently, sometimes after years, even decades, of struggling. It’s a privilege for me to join you in that pursuit.

Remember. There is hope.

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How I roll

Inward struggles know no national borders. Neither do I.

In my corporate career, I worked with people from well over 100 different countries and I’m not planning on that to change.

I work with you no matter what corner of the world you happen to inhabit, as long as we have a common language, stable internet connection and devices that allow us to connect via Skype, Google Hangouts, or the like.

Working together online has many benefits, including time savings, convenience, accessibility, confidentiality, and the option to do voice-only sessions for added comfort and privacy.

If we happen to be in the same geographical area and you would like to work together in person, that is an option that can be arranged of course.

Roll with me!

Ready to ignite that hope again? Click here to schedule an absolutely free, 30-minute mini-session.

We’ll spend some time talking about your struggle and how I can help. In essence, we explore if we’re a good fit for working together.

Curious, but maybe not ready?

Lots of doubt can surface and you might not be sure if you’re ready to try yet another time, yet another thing. I fully understand. This is what I suggest.

Go ahead and schedule a free mini-session anyway. If you decide you’re indeed not ready after we chat, and at least three months pass before you want to give it another try, you can schedule a new mini-session, still at no cost.

What do you have to lose?

Curious, but absolutely not at all ready?

I got you. You can’t rush these things.

But please do stay in touch. Connect on Facebook and sign up for emails, where I share more of my personal journey, and what’s happening in the beautiful world of change.

For the infinitely curious, here’s a little more about me

Personal Development Enthusiast

People are constantly evolving; no one is the same as another, and none of us need to be the same from one day to the next. It’s a fascinating plethora of possibility, and I love to explore and expand my understanding of how it all happens.

I may need to credit my struggles for this interest, as I’ve always been on a quest to find answers, make improvements and ultimately, change.

Change, by the way, is something I love. I’m not immune to the human condition of resisting change, but I do love it nonetheless. The challenge, the growth, the betterment.

Change is Beautiful!

Mother of One

I am a single mother to a little 5th-floor-walk-up, city-bred preschooler. We now live only one step up from the ground, with the humble beginnings of a vegetable garden and a couple of young fruit trees in the yard.

In order to create as flexible of a life as possible for us, I run my business online; from home, nearby cafés and other wifi hot spots. 

Global Citizen

Most of my adult life, I’ve lived outside of my native Sweden, in lovely, sunny places like California and Hawaii; and in cities like cool Copenhagen and the inimitable New York City.

All in all, I’ve lived in amazing, diverse environments and worked with people from well over 100 different countries and cultures.

Travels have taken me through Europe, North- Latin- and South America as well as Africa.

Now, I’m back in Sweden, giving my daughter a chance to spend more time with her cousins, grand parents and, not the least, Great Grandma G.

Lover of sun, sand and salsa

When I was a student in Hawaii, there were Swedes who couldn’t concentrate on their studies when the sun was shining so they moved away. Not me. I stayed eight years. I’d love to move back to a balmy climate one day. But now we’re in Sweden, which can be called anything but balmy, and that’s ok. For now.

Temperatures can still get pretty steamy on a latin dance floor though. I started dancing salsa over 10 years ago and went through a stage of severe dancing addiction (one I didn’t need to fight!). It’s also taken me to Cuba on a couple of occasions, where I’ve been able to immerse myself in the contagious euphoria of rhythm and dance.

Circumstances make dance floor visits rare at the moment, but luckily, when I do go, it’s just like riding the proverbial bike.

Veronika Ambertson signature

The impersonal bits

After studying linguistics and literature, Veronika earned a B.S. in Business, an M.B.A. in Management and a Professional Certificate in Organizational Change. She spent the following 15 years pursuing a career in Human Resources, both in the private staffing industry and in the public sector. Before pursuing coaching full time, she worked nine years with the United Nations Development Program in Copenhagen and New York, during which time she also served short-term in Malawi and in post-earthquake Haiti in 2010.

While not always part of her official duties, coaching has always been a recurring part of Veronika’s work. People came to discuss issues pertaining to working relationships, career questions or personal concerns affecting their work life. As she discovered, inevitably, everything about work is intricately woven into the non-work aspects of life.

Having always loved to help others move from confusion to clarity, Veronika has trained on various aspects of coaching throughout the years, including coaching for performance, conflict resolution coaching, transformational coaching methods and received counselling training from KRIS, Gothenburg. Veronika is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has a certificate as Professional Coach from Gothia Akademi and is currently in the process of obtaining her ICF-certification.

                       coach ICF international coaching federation member Diplomerad coach www.veronikaambertson.com www.chageisbeautiful.se