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Held under the thumb of a over-eating? You’ve tried “everything” and don’t know where to turn next? Carrying the weight of perpetual blues once the door closes behind you at night? Fighting this addiction with all your might, only to have it reappear in a different form in a different area of your life?

Know this. There is hope.

Understanding what causes our actions, and how to effectively modify those underpinnings are key to transformational change. Change that doesn’t rely on willpower. Change that originates in you. Change that is sustainable.

Give me 30 minutes of your time and you will walk away with a tangible action to move you closer to where you want to go, whether that’s weight loss, freedom from food obsession or emotional eating.

All that in 30 minutes?

Yes, ma’am.

We meet on Skype (or other online platform). You tell me a bit about your life and what you want to change. We then explore one or two powerful steps that you can take to become your very own change agent.

We also spend a few minutes talking about how we may continue to work together and I will answer any questions you may have.

What can 30 minutes do?

30 minutes can infuse hope of a life lived differently, free from self-destructive overeating and secrecy.
30 minutes can empower you to take massive action to change on a deeper level.
30 minutes can quite possibly lead to immediate change in your thoughts, feelings and actions.
30 minutes is not a magic pill, but it’s a step towards change that is life-affirming, profound and sustainable.

one well-timed question has really helped me focus, refocus and adjust course over the last few weeks.  ~ Carol in Kaneohe, Hawaii

What to do?

  1. Start by picking a convenient time below.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation from Calendly.
  3. Find me on Skype at veronika.ambertson and send me a contact request.
  4. Go online at the scheduled time – and I will see you there!


What about…?

  • I’ve tried everything, why would this make a difference?
    I hear you. I’ve been there. So. Many. Times.
    No program is like any other and no coach brings the same exact experience, approach and tools to the table. If you’ve poked around the website and my experience and message resonates with you, I am confident that there is value to be gained from our conversation.
    There is, however, nothing quite like action to prove it. The mini-session is created as a way for you to find out, risk-free, if working with me would indeed make a difference.

Veronika has been an invaluable part of my life. She has a gift in being able to take my ramblings and put them into coherent thoughts. She asks very well insightful questions and offers enabling solutions. I feel enabled after our weekly calls and she gives me hope! I am so thankful for her wealth of experience, knowledge and humility. I recommend her highly!    ~ Mary in Phoenix, Arizona

  • I’ve been on similar calls and was pressured to buy additional services or products against my will. I’m concerned this will be more of the same.
    I so hear you! It is a situation I myself absolutely abhor and I solemnly swear I will not pressure you! The thing is, I don’t want to work with anyone who isn’t absolutely thrilled to work with me. Especially since we’re addressing challenging personal matters, and trust is of utmost importance. Working together or not will be a mutual agreement. I will tell you about the options available to do so. I will answer any and all questions you have. And I will absolutely respect your decision. Actually, I don’t recommend you make a decision either way during the call unless you are 100% convinced.
  • Do I commit to anything beyond the mini-session by signing up?
    Not at all. While we will talk about options to continue to work together, there is no obligation, expressed or implied, by signing up for a mini-session. It is absolutely free of fees and obligations.
  • What are the options after the mini-session anyway?
    Apart from periodic group programs, I offer 3 levels of one-on-one work. You can see what they are by clicking here, where you can also book those services directly.
  • What does coaching actually entail?
    Coaching, in its “pure” definition, is a forward-looking, solution-oriented, creative process to help you gain insight and find your own answers and solutions in order to optimize your full potential. When I coach, I sometimes combine it with mentorship, if and when appropriate or requested. What that means is that the focus is on you tapping into your wisdom, knowledge and experience to create solutions that work for you, while I use my experience, knowledge and understanding to provide input for you to consider and integrate if you so choose. It’s very important to know that coaching is not therapy. While you may occasionally look back to mine your past for understanding, we do not delve into and explore your past. Neither is coaching the same as advising. I do not provide finished solutions and tell you what to do.
  • I’ve never talked to anyone about this before and I’m concerned about confidentiality.
    I am keenly aware of how sensitive these matters are and how vulnerable we feel when exposing ourselves. It is my goal to create as safe a space as possible in order for us to do this work together. I always hold my sessions in a private space, and do not divulge your personal information or any details of our conversation to anyone.
    Even at a young age, I was known to stonewall the curious, and my many years in the HR field, with access to intimate details of thousands of people, have cemented confidentiality as part of my personal and professional DNA.
    So long as you are also able to create a secluded space to be during our talk, and so long as you’re comfortable with the normal risks of internet communication, you can rest assured that our conversation is held strictly confidential.

Veronika is great at gently bringing perspective and awareness to a behavior in a very natural way and in the flow of conversation. She’s also a great listener and very easy to talk to about what was going on in my life. I think Veronika’s own history and journey and the way that experience has shaped her gives her a unique and powerful perspective to bear on other’s. ~ Carol in Kaneohe, Hawaii

  • I’m not on Skype, can I still sign up for a mini-session?
    Absolutely! There are numerous alternative ways to connect via the web or phone. Go ahead and sign up, then email me at and we’ll figure out the best way to connect.
  • None of the times available work for me, what can I do?
    Time zones can make scheduling a bit of a challenge. Occasionally, I have alternative times available. Please email me at and we’ll find a time that works for both of us.
  • What if I sign up but then can’t make the call?
    Things happen. No biggie. You can reschedule directly on the calendar through the confirmation email sent to you, or notify me as soon as you know and we’ll find a new time.

However – please be respectful and don’t no-show!

  • I have other questions!
    Please send me a message at and I will answer any and all questions you have.


Ready for beautiful change?

Pick your time, and let’s not waste another day!